SCF Token – How to get started?

Dear Partners,

SCF has officially launched on 19th March 2019. Now you can sign up and start your AI trading software. Below you will find a step by step instruction that will help you to get started.

Download app:

Invitation code: scfmaniacs2

Click “Add Wallet” to create a new wallet. Give it a name and enter your wallet password.

Please confirm clicking the button at the bottom.

Now you will see your mnemonic words which you can screenshot or note them down. On the next screen you will have to enter all mnemonic words in the correct order.

Now you can set up your wallet choosing the digital asset you want to use. As of now only ETH is available. Click on “coin addition” and move the slider to the right.

Now you will see ETH listed under your wallets.

To add funds to your ETH wallet please click “receive” and you will be shown the address. You can either copy it or scan it.

Now you can add funds to your AI trading bot. Just migrate to the AI Bot tab and hit “IN” next to the ETH wallet. Choose the wallet you want to use, enter the amount, enter your wallet password and you are done!

If you still need assistance to get started, please join our Telegram group.

Happy earnings!

SCF maniacs

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